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VIDEO: Inhofe: Oklahoma ESA Forums with FWS Director Dan Ashe on Prairie Chicken Successful





“At one of our hearings, our recently confirmed Head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Dan Ashe, agreed that he would go out and look at some of the hardships that might come from some of the determinations that are made by Fish and Wildlife.

“I’m happy to report he’s on a two-day tour in Oklahoma on the listing – the proposed listing – of the lesser prairie chicken and the significant harm that would impose upon our agricultural community, people wanting to do wind farms and everything else. He actually was in Woodward out in western Oklahoma last night and Ron Hayes of the Oklahoma Farm Report reported this from last night:

“‘Several key themes emerged as the meeting unfolded Wednesday night, including agriculture wind farm interests and oil and gas companies agree listing the lesser prairie chicken would be devastating to the five-state region.’

“I think this is important because we asked him if he would do this at his confirmation hearing. He did this and it looks like this report is very favorable.”