Rule XXV, Standing Rules of the Senate

1. The following standing committees shall be appointed at the commencement of each Congress, and shall continue and have the power to act until their successors are appointed, with leave to report by bill or otherwise on matters within their respective jurisdictions:

(h)(1) Committee on Environment and Public Works, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects:

  1. Air pollution.
  2. Construction and maintenance of highways.
  3. Environmental aspects of Outer Continental Shelf lands.
  4. Environmental effects of toxic substances, other than pesticides.
  5. Environmental policy.
  6. Environmental research and development.
  7. Fisheries and wildlife.
  8. Flood control and improvements of rivers and harbors, including environmental aspects of deepwater ports.
  9. Noise pollution.
  10. Nonmilitary environmental regulation and control of nuclear energy.
  11. Ocean dumping.
  12. Public buildings and improved grounds of the United States generally, including Federal buildings in the District of Columbia.
  13. Public works, bridges, and dams.
  14. Regional economic development.
  15. Solid waste disposal and recycling.
  16. Water pollution.
  17. Water resources.

(2) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to environmental protection and resource utilization and conservation, and report thereon from time to time.