Senator Jim Jeffords issued the following statement today after the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced a proposed permit for a two-week test burn of tires for derived fuel at International Paper’s plant at Ticonderoga, NY: Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.
Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works
On NY DEC’s Proposed Permit for IP Tire Test Burn
“I am very disappointed that New York State regulators plan to issue this permit. Those who live downwind of the IP plant should not be treated as guinea pigs in this experiment. If IP wants to burn tires, the solution is simple: it should upgrade its outdated plant with the proper equipment to ensure that its tire burning will be safe. IP has installed these controls at its other plants, so why not here?” “I find it ironic that New York regulators have granted this permit just days after federal investigators found the Environmental Protection Agency has not done its job in protecting the public from toxic air pollutants. The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to review this decision, and the EPA has the ability to reject it. I call on the EPA to do just that, and demonstrate its commitment to protecting public health.” More about the Government Accountability Office’s report on EPA enforcement can be found below: Click here to see Sen. Jeffords' press release on the report. Click here to see the GAO report. Senator Jeffords' past statements in opposition to the IP tire burn can be found below: 11/15/05: Sen. Jeffords' Statement on International Paper's Proposed Tire Burn 03/14/05: Senator Jeffords' Op-Ed on IP Tire Burn 02/15/05: Jeffords Challenges IP on Tire Burn Technology 02/14/05: Jeffords Calls On Pataki to Stop IP Tire Burn 10/09/03: Jeffords Calls For Hold On Tire Burn 09/26/03: Jeffords Concerned By Planned Tire Burn At IP