Senator Jeffords today issued the following statement in response to a GAO report he requested that examined how the government might encourage recycling and reuse of electronic waste. According to the GAO’s findings, which were released today, an estimated 100 million pieces of used electronics become obsolete each year, and their disposal poses a host of environmental and resource conservation challenges. The GAO’s report is attached here. It will also be posted later today on the GAO’s website at Statement of Senator James Jeffords, I-Vt.
Ranking Member, US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
On GAO's Electronic Waste Report December 12, 2005 “This GAO report demonstrates that we need a national solution for managing the growing mountain of computers, monitors and televisions that become obsolete each year. We can't keep storing this electronic waste in our basements forever. I intend to work with my colleagues to craft bipartisan legislation that would minimize the environmental impacts from electronic waste disposal and maximize the possibilities for greater reuse and resource recovery.”