(Remarks as prepared for delivery)


Today, we will hear testimony on just a sampling of the business opportunities that we can expect when we act to cut the carbon pollution that causes global warming.


Our witnesses today will provide on the ground examples of the ways the American people will benefit from a clean energy policy that drives economic recovery, creates jobs and helps to break our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.


We will hear from Fortune 500 companies that see great opportunity in the new energy economy. And we will hear from start ups and small businesses that are already creating clean energy jobs -- good manufacturing jobs here in America. One of our witnesses today, Trinity Industries, will testify about how they are putting Americans back to work by building towers for wind turbines on the site of a shut down appliance factory.


I want to extend a special welcome to our witnesses from my home State of California. I am proud of my state's leadership on clean energy and energy efficiency.


Richard Lowenthal is CEO of Coulomb Technologies, based in Campbell, California, in Santa Clara County. Coulomb Technologies makes charging stations for electric vehicles, part of the basic infrastructure for a clean energy economy.


C.J. Warner is CEO of Sapphire Energy, headquartered in San Diego, which is using algae to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into renewable fuels. Sapphire's jet-fuel has been successfully tested in a Boeing 737. Welcome.


Already, hundreds of solar energy businesses have sprung up in California, thanks to my state's energy policies. The jobs created by those companies have helped put people back to work as they lose jobs during this recession.


Using energy more efficiently is the low-hanging fruit, and we will hear today from a Pennsylvania company that is manufacturing the next generation of high-efficiency lighting technology right here in America.


This hearing comes at a very important time - our colleagues in the House of Representatives are marking up a comprehensive clean energy jobs and global warming bill even as we speak. The House could pass a bill later this summer. I anticipate Senate action will follow.


By accelerating the transition to a new clean energy economy, global warming legislation will create millions of new jobs and whole new industries here in the U.S.


It's time to harness the greatest source of power we have in this country - American ingenuity. This country can and should be a leader of the clean energy revolution.


I look forward to hearing from all of our witnesses today.