January 23, 2007



PETER RAFLE (202) 302-7086 peter_rafle@epw.senate.gov

"Tonight was a missed opportunity for the President to exert strong leadership on the challenge of global warming.  

 "By not presenting a comprehensive plan to combat global warming, the President is ignoring the consensus of eleven National Academies of Science, clear decisive action by our communities and states, and a growing coalition of businesses that realize that they have a responsibility to solve this problem.  "For me, the President's speech was more notable for what he didn't say on global warming than what he did say.  When you get to the bottom line, there are no hard caps, no enforcement mechanisms, and we aren't even going to start reversing the increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector for 10 years.  "The President is taking baby steps to deal with a giant problem.  I urge the President to listen to all of the voices that are coming before the EPW committee to confront this challenge, not just pay lip service to it."