This page provides information on legislation that has been introduced and falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
Date Title
7/17/19 S. CON. RES. 22--A concurrent resolution expressing the sense of Congress that there is a climate emergency which demands a massive-scale mobilization to halt, reverse, and address its consequences and causes.
7/16/19 S. 2129--A bill to require the Secretary of Transportation to develop best practices for incorporating resilience into emergency relief projects, and for other purposes.
7/11/19 S. 2105--A bill to amend the Clean Air Act to clarify when a physical change in, or change in the method of operation of, a stationary source constitutes a modification, and for other purposes.
7/11/19 S. 2086--A bill to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to improve transparency under the national primary drinking water regulations for lead and copper, and for other purposes.
7/11/19 S. 2104--A bill to amend the Clean Air Act to exclude energy efficiency projects, pollution control projects, and reliability projects from the definition of a modification.
7/11/19 S. 2099--A bill to redesignate the Sullys Hill National Game Preserve in the State of North Dakota as the White Horse Hill National Game Preserve.
7/11/19 S. 2092--A bill to amend the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act to modernize the funding of wildlife conservation, and for other purposes.
7/10/19 S. 2077--A bill to establish the complete streets program, and for other purposes.
7/10/19 S. 2084--A bill to amend title 23, United States Code, to require transportation planners to consider projects and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and for other purposes.
7/8/19 S. 2057--A bill to establish a National Climate Bank.