This page provides information on legislation that has been introduced and falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.
Date Title
7/15/21 S.2373 - A bill to reestablish United States global leadership in nuclear energy, revitalize domestic nuclear energy supply chain infrastructure, support the licensing of advanced nuclear technologies, and improve the regulation of nuclear energy, and for other purposes.
7/15/21 S.2372 - A bill to amend the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act to make supplemental funds available for management of fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation need as determined by State fish and wildlife agencies, and for other purposes.
7/15/21 S.2356 - A bill to provide funding to rehabilitate, retrofit, and remove the Nation's dams to improve the health of the Nation's rivers, improve public safety, and increase clean energy production, and for other purposes.
7/14/21 S.2347 - A bill to require the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to establish a rebate program to promote the purchase and installation of electric vehicle supply equipment for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, and for other purposes.
7/14/21 S.2339 - A bill to amend the Clean Air Act with respect to the ethanol waiver for Reid vapor pressure limitations under such Act.
6/24/21 S.2284 - Finish the ADHS Act
6/24/21 S.2229 - Highway Formula Modernization Act of 2021
6/24/21 S.2213 - Pensacola and Perdido Bays Estuary of National Significance Act of 2021
6/24/21 S.2272 - Lead-Free Drinking Water for All Act of 2021
6/24/21 S.2205 - To designate the United States courthouse located at 201 South Evans Street in Greenville, North Carolina, as the Malcolm J. Howard United States Courthouse, and for other purposes.