The Environment and Public Works Committee will hold a Business Meeting to consider the following: • Bill to reauthorize the provision of technical assistance to small public water systems, S. 1429 (Inhofe et al.) • Ban Asbestos in America Act, S. 742 (Murray, Isakson, Boxer et al. manager’s substitute amendment) • Toxic Right to Know Protection Act, S. 595 (Lautenberg et al.). • California waiver decision deadline bill, S. 1785 (Nelson, Boxer et al. manager’s substitute amendment, with technical correction) • National Infrastructure Improvement Act, S. 775 (Carper, Voinovich et al. manager’s substitute amendment). • The Multinational Species Conservation Funds reauthorizations, HR 50 and HR 465 (same as S. 1832 with tech corrections, Lieberman-Warner-Boxer). • The Captive Primate Safety Act, S. 1498, (Boxer, Vitter et al.) • Army Corps Resolutions • Nomination of Robert Lyle Laverty to be Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, U.S. Department of the Interior • Nomination of Robert Lance Boldrey nominee for reappointment to the Board of Trustees for the Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation