Subcommittee Members


Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Chair

Jim Inhofe (R-OK)

Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

Mike Braun (R-IN)

Mike Rounds (R-SD)

Dan Sullivan (R-AK)

John Boozman (R-AR)

Roger Wicker (R-MS)

Richard Shelby (R-AL)


Ben Cardin (D-MD), Ranking Member

Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Jeff Merkley (D-OR)

Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Cory Booker (D-NJ)

Ed Markey (D-MA)

Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)


Transportation and Infrastructure Issues
• Federal Highway Administration
• Highway Program
• Construction and maintenance of highways
• Public works, bridges, and dams
• General Services Administration
• Public Buildings and improved grounds of the United States generally, including Federal Buildings in the District of Columbia
• Green Building Standards

Water Issues
• Army Corps of Engineers (Civil Works)
• Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)
• National Dam Safety Program
• Flood control and improvements of rivers and harbors, including environmental aspects of deepwater ports
• Water resources

Regional Economic Development
• Economic Development Administration (EDA)
• Appalachian Regional Commission
• Northern Border Regional Commission
• Delta Regional Authority
• Mississippi River Commission