WASHINGTON, DC – Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Environment & Public Works Committee, issued the following statement today applauding the Senate’s 38-60 rejection of the McCain-Lieberman climate change amendment to the energy bill: “The Senate’s sound rejection of mandatory carbon caps is a victory for American families and businesses large and small. With the addition of five votes against the measure beyond the previous 43-55 vote in 2003, the momentum is clearly moving against mandatory caps. The defeat of the McCain-Lieberman amendment today also puts the country one step closer to a badly needed national energy policy that will improve our energy security and boost energy reliability. Most recognize that the science simply does not support the need for mandatory carbon caps. A rush to judgment in favor of caps would have cost our country more than one million jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in reduced GDP. As the G8 Summit approaches, our delegation would be wise to remember that Prime Minister Tony Blair himself does not ‘believe the way to tackle global warming is by introducing policies that will undermine our prosperity or economic growth.’”