WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW), welcomed Lynn Budd, director of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security to the committee. Budd was testifying before the committee at a hearing titled “Oversight Hearing on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Civil Works Program.”

Barrasso introduced Budd to the committee prior to her testimony. “I would personally like to welcome Director Lynn Budd, who recently took over as the director of the Office of Homeland Security in Wyoming in January 2019.

“Director Budd has spent the last three decades as a resident of Cheyenne. She began her career at the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security in 2011 as a grants specialist.

“From there, she served in a variety of different capacities, including senior planner, critical infrastructure protection resilience program manager, and security unit chief.

“Director Budd has also functioned as manager of the State Operations Center, coordinating state resources in support of local jurisdictions during times of emergency in Wyoming.

“Prior to joining the state Office of Homeland Security, she worked in the Wyoming Office of The Nature Conservancy.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Director Budd for over 20 years, and I am very grateful she is here with us today,” said Barrasso.

In her written testimony, Budd outlined Wyoming’s relationship with the U.S. Army Corps as it pertains to flooding and other water related issues. “Wyoming works with three Corps districts, Omaha, Sacramento, and Walla Walla. As a headwater state our water passes through approximately two-thirds of the landmass of the lower 48 states and we take our stewardship of these waters very seriously. The Corps has been a valuable partner in this effort,” said Budd.

Budd also detailed opportunities, specifically involving projects with the Snake River System, the Glendo Reservoir, and the Big Horn Reservoir, for improved relations between Wyoming and the Corps. Budd stated, “As with any relationship, there is always room for improvement. The opportunities that I have highlighted here today are representative of Wyoming’s highest priorities for such improvement.”

Budd concluded by stating, “The threat of new invasive species is ever present and the likelihood of them reaching Wyoming increases every year. Every water user in Wyoming and every other state that benefits from Wyoming waters will be impacted if these species make their way to a Wyoming water system. Increased support and partnerships with other agencies will help to further strengthen the Wyoming AIS Program and prevent impacts to water delivery, recreation, and native species.”

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