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Inhofe Welcomes Jaczko's Commitment to Provide Emergency Powers Report

Report is Mandated by Law

 Washington D.C.-Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today welcomed a commitment from Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Greg Jaczko to provide a full report of his use of emergency powers following the nuclear accident in Japan.  Under Section 3(d) of the Reorganization Plan of 1980 the law requires that: "Following the conclusion of the emergency, the Chairman...shall render a complete and timely report to the Commission on the actions taken during the emergency."

"I appreciate Chairman Jaczko's commitment during today's hearing to provide a full report to me regarding his use of emergency powers - powers reserved for responding to domestic emergencies," Senator Inhofe said.  "The law clearly dictates that it is the Chairman's responsibility to supply a report which describes the actions taken while exercising these authorities. Above all, I hope that the Chairman will include his legal rationale.  During today's hearing he said that he had ‘plenty of documentation from the general counsel to support that.' I remain puzzled as to why he failed to provide that documentation when I requested it in my April 6th letter."

Section 3(c) of the Reorganization Plan of 1980 states that: "In acting under this section, the Chairman...shall conform to the policy guidelines of the Commission.  To the maximum extent possible under the emergency conditions, the Chairman...shall inform the Commission of actions taken relative to the emergency." 

"I also expect his report to include why he did not feel obligated to inform his fellow commissioners that he was transferring to himself the functions vested in the Commission. During today's hearing, the four commissioners confirmed that the Chairman failed to notify them of his use of these powers for weeks. I am anxious to have these questions answered, and I look forward to receiving his report in a timely manner."

April 6 Letter from Senator Inhofe to Gregory Jaczko

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