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 Inhofe Takes Unusual Step of Objecting to EPW Hearing 

Statement by Marc Morano, Communications Director for Environment and Public Works Committee’s Ranking Member Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.):



“This afternoon Senator Inhofe took the unusual step of objecting to the EPW Committee’s hearing titled 'Bush Administration Environmental Record at Department of Interior and Environmental Protection Agency.’  Senator Inhofe has asked the Bush Administration to honor his objection and not appear at the hearing.  

“Senator Inhofe’s actions were in response to the Majority’s refusal to grant a single Minority requested hearing this entire 110th Congress, despite numerous requests. Specifically, Senator Inhofe requested twice in writing (May 5, 2008 and August 21, 2008) to a hearing to examine the ‘emerging questions surrounding ethanol’s effects on world food and livestock feed prices, its economic sustainability, and its transportation and infrastructure needs, its water usage, and numerous other environmental issues.’  

“While the Clean Air Subcommittee did hold a hearing on July 10th, its stated purpose was “the status of life-cycle analysis and advancements in next generation biofuels.” At that hearing, Senator Inhofe renewed his request for an oversight hearing examining the issues he raised in his May 5, 2008 letter.  

“As the former Chairman of the Committee he granted minority requests for hearings three separate times.  This is the first time Senator Inhofe has ever objected to an EPW hearing.”  

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