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    Inhofe Lands a 1-2 Punch for Lower Fuel Prices and Better Roads 

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WASHINGTON, DC - Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, joined fellow GOP Senators and members of the U.S. trucking industry to call for lower gas prices to help truckers ship goods, met with Oklahoma business leader Dan Ustian, President and CEO of NAVISTAR to discuss diesel prices, and pressed Federal Highway Administrator nominee Thomas J. Madison, Jr. to help adopt a highway and energy policy to lower gas and diesel prices.  

“Today I joined with Senate Republicans and leaders from the trucking industry to once again emphasize the need for the United States Senate to act on bringing down the price of gas at the pump,” Senator Inhofe said. “From transporting goods across the country, to finding ways to pay for our nation’s infrastructure, high gas prices impact every aspect of our lives. Congress can improve both our energy security and our economy by increasing American-based energy production. I will continue to stand with my Republican colleagues to ensure the Senate stays focused on bringing down the price of gas at the pump.” 

Dan Ustian, the president and CEO of NAVISTAR, a school bus manufacturer, met with Senator Inhofe today and stressed the importance of bringing down gas prices.  

“The diesel versus gas price disparity of over 20 percent has a devastating effect on all diesel-powered business sectors.  Not only is the trucking industry impacted, but the viability of fuel efficient diesel passenger cars and small trucks is threatened,” Ustian said, following his meeting with Senator Inhofe.  

On Wednesday afternoon, Inhofe attended an EPW Full Committee nomination hearing of Thomas J. Madison, Jr. of New York to be Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration. Inhofe supported Madison’s nomination and urged a fix to the Highway Trust Fund shortfall by adopting an energy policy to increase supply and help lower gas and diesel prices.  

“The impact of high gas prices on truckers goes well beyond what they pay at the pump; it also impacts them on the roads they drive on. A combination of more fuel efficient vehicles and higher gas prices has, for the first time, resulted in a significant reduction of vehicle miles traveled, which in turn has caused sharp reductions in the amount of revenue coming into the Highway Trust Fund.  A fix needs to be enacted into law as soon as possible in order to avoid cutbacks by the states in their planned transportation improvement projects for 2009. I fully support the nomination of Mr. Madison and look forward to working with him to solve these issues.”  

“I have recently introduced legislation to increase the supply of domestic energy. My Drive America on Natural Gas Act and my American Affordable Fuels Act will promote domestic fuels and help to relieve pain at the pump.”  

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