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Democrats Must Be Held Accountable for Lack of Infrastructure in So-Called “Stimulus Bill”  

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, issued the following statement after voting against the largest spending bill ever to be considered before the United States Congress.

“Democrats must be held accountable for the lack of infrastructure spending in this massive government spending bill,” Senator Inhofe said. “Despite originally being sold as an infrastructure bill, the fact is this bill contains less than 7% for infrastructure in the entire bill. Furthermore, despite all the references to money going to shovel-ready highway and bridge projects, investment in highways comprises only 3% of the package. Through my leadership position on the Environment and Public Works Committee and Armed Services Committee, I know firsthand the link between infrastructure and defense spending, job creation, and a robust economy. Despite reaching across the aisle to propose amendments to strip wasteful spending and replace it with legitimate, job-creating provisions, the Democratic majority clung to their chosen priorities.

“If we are going to call this package a stimulus bill, then we need to direct resources to programs that have a demonstrated ability to create jobs immediately, and all other programs must be seriously considered,” Senator Inhofe said. “While there needs to be dramatically more infrastructure investment in the bill, it must not add to the size of the bill. Any additional funding for infrastructure in the stimulus needs to be offset. There is more than enough waste in this bill that should be eliminated."
The Inhofe-Boxer amendment, which was blocked by the Democratic majority, would take funds not obligated within a year, up to $50 billion, from programs in the stimulus that are not spending and redirect them to infrastructure projects that are ready to have a contract awarded within 120 days of receiving this money.


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