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Jobs, Economic Growth, and Environmental Progress at Risk

Link to Senate Report

Washington, DC-Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, released today a new EPW Minority staff report titled, "EPA's Anti-Industrial Policy: Threatening Jobs and America's Manufacturing Base," which chronicles a series of EPA proposals that could destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, many in the industrial heartland, raise energy prices for consumers, and undermine the global competitiveness of America's manufacturers.

The report reviewed the following proposals:

  • New standards for commercial and industrial boilers: up to 798,250 jobs at risk;
  • New standards for Portland Cement plants: up to 18 cement plants at risk of shutting down, threatening nearly 1,800 direct jobs and 9,000 indirect jobs;
  • The Endangerment Finding/Tailoring Rules for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: higher energy costs; jobs moving overseas; severe economic impacts on the poor, the elderly, minorities, and those on fixed incomes; 6.1 million sources subject to EPA control and regulation; and
  • The revised National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone: severe restrictions on job creation and business expansion in hundreds of counties nationwide.

Sen. Inhofe:

"I have great personal respect for EPA Administrator Jackson, but we disagree fundamentally on EPA's policies and the economic and financial harm they pose for consumers, workers, and small businesses. The record as outlined in this Minority report, which includes EPA's own analysis, is very clear: EPA will make consumers pay more for electricity, shut down the local factory, and give Chinese firms a decisive advantage over America's manufacturers, which are struggling to meet the agency's bureaucratic mandates. 

"The irony of EPA's agenda is that, along with higher costs, it will fail to provide the American people with meaningful environmental benefits.  In some cases, it will actually impose environmental harm, as EPA's ever-increasing mandates shift production to China, where technology and standards don't measure up to our own.  

"Our task ahead is to bring balance back to federal clean air policy, so that economic growth, job creation, and environmental progress can coexist, rather than be in conflict with each other."

U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.): "The regulatory obligations under the Obama administration's EPA are set to kick the legs out from an already limping economy.  It will be almost impossible for Congress to compensate for the jobs that will be lost under the regulatory burden of an ambitious and ever-growing EPA bureaucratic scheme that is crushing every sector of American business."

U.S. Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo): "When we ask 'Where are the jobs?' this report answers that by showing how the Obama Environmental Protection Agency is killing American jobs and sending them overseas."

U.S. Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio): "During my tenure on the Senate EPW Committee, I have worked hard to enact common sense environment and energy policies that protect our environment while enhancing our economic competitiveness. Time after time, these efforts have been met by firm resistance from environmental zealots and an out-of-touch federal bureaucracy. 

"Now, when America families are struggling under the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, EPA has launched an aggressive campaign of regulations, red tape and backdoor energy taxes that will undercut our efforts to create jobs and further erode America's global competitiveness. We should be doing everything we can to create jobs and grow our economy - that includes stopping unelected bureaucrats from raising energy costs and using regulatory red tape to stifle our economy. We must put our nation's environment and energy policy back into Congress' hands."