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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) congratulated the Oklahoma based companies included in Fortune's Annual list of the 100 Best Companies To Work For. The companies include Oklahoma City based companies Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, and American Fidelity Assurance, and Tulsa based company QuikTrip.
"I am extremely proud of these Oklahoma companies for recognizing the importance of their most valuable resources - their people," Inhofe said. "Amidst this recession, companies across the country are being forced to make layoffs and budget cuts leaving hundreds of thousands unemployed.  Therefore, companies such as these are beacons of hope for turning our economy around.  Liberals in Washington tend to think that the best way out of a recession is to grow government, but as these companies demonstrate, empowering growth in the private sector is best for the creation of jobs."

"I am pleased that solid companies like QuikTrip, on Fortune's list for eight years in a row, and Oklahoma energy producers Devon and Chesapeake, on the list for the third straight year, are providing strong employment opportunities for those in our state and around the nation.  These are model companies.  In addition, Devon and Chesapeake are providing energy security for the country through their oil and natural gas exploration.  By helping to increase our nation's energy independence, these companies and their employees are contributing to a safer, more secure future."