Washington, D.C.--Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, applauded EPA’s decision to begin clean up at 11 new Superfund sites in 9 states. Inhofe released the following statement today:


“EPA’s announcement today shows that the Bush Administration is dedicated to cleaning up the nation’s Superfund sites. In Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Idaho, EPA is targeting priority sites that pose some of the greatest risks to human health.


“This action is part of President Bush’s demonstrated commitment to protecting public health all across the country. His FY 2004 budget increases funding for clean up of Superfund sites by $150 million, an increase that will greatly assist EPA in its remediation efforts.


“Once again, the President’s efforts prove that reauthorizing the Superfund tax is unnecessary. There is no connection between clean up and reinstatement of the tax. As it stands now, we have a polluter pays system--that is, viable, identifiable parties responsible for contamination are already paying to clean it up. It is simply unfair and counterproductive to tax all businesses for actions taken by third parties.”