“More Empty Political Rhetoric At The Expense Of The American People.”

WASHINGTON, DC – Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Environment & Public Works Committee, responded to the energy plan released by Senate Democrat leadership by dismissing the proposal as “more empty political rhetoric at the expense of the American people.”


“Today’s Democrat energy proposal is nothing more than their same old empty political rhetoric that does nothing to address today’s high gas prices or our nation’s energy needs,” Senator Inhofe said. “Opposition by Senate Democrats over the past twenty years to reasonable solutions like expanding domestic refining capacity, increasing domestic supply by drilling for oil in Alaska and off our nation’s coasts, and opposition to local projects is the primary reason for the high price of energy today, both at the pump and in our homes.


“It’s disingenuous for Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill today to tout the need for alternative domestic sources of energy, only for these same Democrats to race home this weekend to their respective states and protest many of these very projects. Consider Senate Democrats’ opposition to building LNG terminals in Massachusetts, wind turbines in Cape Cod, and nuclear energy, period. Democrats can't have it both ways.


“If Senate Democrats were serious about reducing our dependence on foreign oil and bringing down the price of gas at the pump, they would end their obstruction of legislation crafted to increase expanding domestic refining capacity, like my Gas PRICE Act. Instead, they offered only one alternative, which was to essentially socialize refining capacity by placing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in charge of designing, constructing and operating refineries. Clearly this is not a solution. Thankfully, the Democrat alternative was defeated straight down a party line vote in committee last year. ”


“NIMBY” Democrats

Record of Obstruction at Home



Weaver’s Cove, Falls River MA


The Weaver’s Cove LNG terminal was approved by FERC commissioners on June 30, 2005 with a 3-1 vote. FERC reaffirmed its decision January 29, 2006. James McGovern, D-Worcester obstructed the project by inserting a sneaky provision into the recent highway bill.


Although he has yet to offer alternatives for regional natural gas supplies, Rep. McGovern has fought the project tooth and nail, "We are not a cheap date and we will do anything possible to stop it. This facility will not be built here. We will not allow it to be built here."


According Senator John Kerry, “We need fuel, we need the offload capacity where the demand is high, and we need to find a way to get it to us less expensively.” Despite this admission, Mr. Kerry opined, ‘‘The LNG project down in Fall River is not a smart project.”


At a recent rally, Democratic Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Reilly criticized the project as a mistake by the Bush Administration and vowed, "We are going to use every tool we have to stop this project"


Weaver’s Cove is opposed by Sen. Kerry, U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern, D-Mass.; Attorney General Tom Reilly, a Democrat running for governor; Mayor Edward Lambert; state Reps. Philip Travis, D-Rehoboth, and David Sullivan, D-Fall River, and state Rep. Ray Gallison of Rhode Island.


The Weaver's Cove LNG terminal has the capacity to process 800 million cubic feet of natural gas a day for the region. Natural gas is a necessity to meet much of its winter heating needs and low supply levels lead to exorbitant consumer prices.

Cape Wind Project, Cape Cod, MA

Despite support from numerous local and national environmental groups, on April 6, 2006 a closed-door congressional conference committee signed off on an amendment to a bill that would grant veto power over the Cape Wind offshore project to the governor of Massachusetts. Sen. Ted Kennedy and other rich land owners on Cape Cod continue their attacks on a proposed wind turbine power plant on Nantucket Sound. Another major obstructionist of the project is environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Cape Wind Project has enjoyed nothing but praise from environmental groups.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, “As the first offshore wind energy undertaking in the nation, Cape Wind would set a precedent for similar facilities that could improve air quality, public health and global warming emissions.”

In a statement from Greenpeace USA, “it will serve as a model for clean energy products throughout the country,” the group asks, “What's not to like?”

The Cape Wind project would provide 420 megawatts of electricity from 130 emissions-free turbines.” That is enough to supply 75 percent of power needed on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Supporters of the project say the wind farm would save millions of dollars in energy costs.



Transcontinental Pipeline, NJ

A 90 mile natural gas pipeline in New Jersey was approved by FERC on April 25, 2000. The pipeline was meant to transfer 700 million cubic feet of gas a day to the New Jersey and New York City area to combat spot shortages and season heating oil prices. Democratic Congressman from Paterson, Bill Pascrell, said called the project “ill conceived and speculative” and warned “This battle is far from over.”