WASHINGTON, DC - Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Environment & Public Works Committee, commented today on the “environmental scorecard” for Members of Congress released today by the left-leaning League of Conservation Voters (LCV). “It is disappointing that for another year in a row the League of Conservation Voters continues to ignore important environmental votes in the House and Senate and instead develops a narrow and partisan motivated ‘scorecard’ based on politics rather than science and common sense. It continues to amaze me that this organization, led by a former staff member of Al Gore, gains any credence at all of being a non-partisan group. The scorecard is clearly election year politics from the left. Shouldn’t it be recognized as such?

“Particularly amusing this year is the LCV’s weak attempt to justify judicial nominations as environmental votes, its opposition to bipartisan legislation to protect the health of our nation’s forests and watersheds, and its aversion to more efficient and less emitting sources of energy which are supported by a national energy bill they vehemently oppose. It is unfortunate that the LCV would rather gain cheap headlines to aid the Democratic National Committee than work with both sides of the aisle to preserve and protect the environment in a balanced and effective manner.”