September 29, 2005 INHOFE APPLAUDS HOUSE APPROVAL OF ENDANGERED SPECIES LEGISLATION U.S. Senator James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, today issued the following statement regarding the House of Representatives’ 229-193 approval of H.R. 3824, the Threatened and Endangered Species Recovery Act of 2005: “I applaud the efforts of House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo for working so diligently to pass a bipartisan ESA bill, and I congratulate both the Republicans and Democrats in the House for passing this bill,” Senator Inhofe said. “I share Mr. Pombo's belief that the ESA has not achieved all of its objectives and has, in many cases, led to dire consequences for landowners and species alike. I believe that it is essential that Congress pass legislation that would update and improve the ESA to focus on the recovery of species, while safeguarding private property rights. We should do this by working cooperatively with all stakeholders, especially private land owners on whose land more than 70 percent of species depend for their habitat. It is critical that we make sound scientific decisions in an open and transparent manner with the assistance and support of states and localities. I look forward to receiving H.R. 3824 in the Environment and Public Works Committee and to working with my Senate colleagues on producing ESA legislation this year.”