U.S. Senate Committee on
Environment and Public Works
Boxer Statement on Meeting with
Britain’s Secretary of State for the Environment
Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today made the following remarks following a private meeting between members of the Committee and David Miliband, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs for Great Britain. 
Senator Boxer said: “For me the exciting message from Secretary Miliband was that fighting global warming and strong economic growth go hand in hand.  Since 1990, Britain has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by about 15 percent, while its economy has grown by over 40 percent.  Today, Britain’s environmental industries are now the fastest growing sector of the country’s economy, growing from about 135,000 jobs to over 500,000 jobs in just the last five years.  These lessons should send a clear message to the President that strong, mandatory caps on greenhouse gases bring rewards that are tangible in terms of the economy and for future generations.  As the President heads to the G8 negotiations in Germany this week, I urge him to keep the British successes in mind and embrace strong mandatory caps on global warming pollution.”
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