Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.
On US Supreme Court Decision to Review
Clean Air Act Case Regarding CO2 Emissions
"It is encouraging that the high court feels this case needs to be reviewed since the Clean Air Act specifically describes carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The lower court's sharply divided and poorly reasoned ruling needs to be overturned. The lower court ruling dodges the real issue of whether the Clean Air Act gives EPA authority to regulate CO2 emissions. It is high time to stop relying on technicalities and finger pointing to avoid action on climate change. Science tells us we must begin to act soon if we are to have a chance of minimizing the growing effects of climate change.
"Though I believe the Administration can and should act aggressively under existing law and pursuant to our country's international commitments, I have been a long-time sponsor of legislation to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. I further intend to introduce sweeping legislation that will serve as a roadmap to how we can stabilize and reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide."