WASHINGTON D.C. – This week, U.S. Senators Tom Carper (D-Del.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), and Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) introduced the Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act. This bipartisan legislation promote investments in clean vehicle infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging stations and hydrogen refueling stations for fuel cell vehicles.

Here’s what automakers, environmental advocates, and industry experts are saying in support of the bill:


“Public and private investments are essential to increasing the widespread adoption of electrified vehicles that are better for the planet. At Ford we’re doing our part by offering customers access to the largest EV charging network in North America. The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act will help expand this access and support our continued goal of electrifying the products millions of customers currently rely on Ford to produce.”

-Laura Dove, Senior Director, Government Relations



“Expanding electric vehicle infrastructure is essential to advancing cleaner and sustainable transportation. Honda supports the Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act, which will promote the growth of a robust network of electric vehicle charging and hydrogen refueling stations.”

-Jennifer Thomas, Vice President, Government and Industry Relations


General Motors

“GM applauds Senators Carper, Burr, Stabenow and Cortez-Masto for their leadership on the critical issue of building out the U.S. EV charging infrastructure. The best way to remove automotive emissions from the environmental equation is an all-electric, zero emissions future, and expanding EV charging infrastructure will help make EV’s more accessible to Americans in communities across the country. GM has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to an all-electric future and know that it will take a combination of continued leadership, industry collaboration and supportive public policies like these to get us there.”

-Liz Reicherts, Vice President of External Affairs



“Volkswagen Group of America is committed to the advancement of electric vehicles throughout the nation, and a robust charging network is a critical step towards building an electric mobility future. The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act updates the current tax incentive for alternative fuel vehicle refueling property, which will promote investment in this critical infrastructure and expand electric vehicle charging options for drivers.”


Alliance for Automotive Innovation

“By expanding the 30C tax credit to help defray the cost of installing residential or commercial charging equipment, the Securing America’s Future Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act makes an important investment in both the recharging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure needed to build a sustainable EV market.”

-John Bozzella, Alliance for Automotive Innovation


Electric Drive Transportation Association

“The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act will catalyze investment in electric charging and refueling across America and accelerate the economic and climate benefits of e-mobility. Expanding infrastructure speeds the growth of the electric vehicle fleet, as well as the entire value chain—creating jobs, reducing pollution and building US leadership in the global race for EV technologies.”

-Genevieve Cullen, President


Zero Emission Transportation Association

“The transportation sector is the leading source of U.S. carbon emissions. It’s paramount that we transition toward zero-emission vehicles as quickly as possible. This bill will trigger a wave of investment in EV charging infrastructure, relieving consumers of range anxiety, and paving the way for faster EV adoption nationwide.”

-Joe Britton, Executive Director


Electrify America

“President Biden has set a goal to deploy 500,000 electric vehicle chargers by 2030, and Electrify America believes that the Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act is an essential component of the plan to realize that goal. This legislation has the potential to transform the passenger vehicle landscape, create thousands of jobs, and make driving an electric vehicle a legitimate option for millions of Americans.”

-Matthew Nelson, Director of Government Affairs


Environmental Defense Fund

“As our nation moves to electrify our transportation fleet and cut climate pollution, developing the charging infrastructure to support these vehicles is critical. Senators Carper and Burr know we need smart policies to help our environment and our economy. Increasing the investment tax credit for refueling infrastructure, and ensuring it applies to each charging station, will help us meet our goal of providing a seamless transition from the fuels of yesterday to the electric vehicles of tomorrow.”

-Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs


National Wildlife Federation

“In order to meet scientifically backed targets on climate pollution, we need to transition to zero-emission cars and trucks as quickly as possible. However, federal incentives for installing the necessary charging or refueling infrastructure are not currently up to the task. Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act would expand and update federal tax incentives so this necessary infrastructure can be deployed quickly across the country.”

-Shannon Heyck-Williams, Director of Climate and Energy Policy


Natural Resources Defense Council

“Building out our electric vehicle fueling network will create good American jobs and help accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles. This measure is key to making that happen. Enacting it will mean less pollution that threatens people’s health and propels dangerous climate change.”

-Luke Tonachel, Director of Clean Vehicles and Fuels


American Lung Association

“Transitioning to electric vehicles improves lung health and saves lives. Supporting that transition with the necessary infrastructure is an important step toward achieving tremendous health and climate benefits. Thank you Senators Carper, Burr, Cortez Masto and Stabenow for demonstrating your leadership on this issue by introducing the Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act. Expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure helps secure a future with cleaner air for all.”

-Harold Wimmer, President & CEO


Clean Air Task Force

“The Securing America's Clean Fuel Infrastructure Act encourages real investment in hydrogen and zero-carbon refueling infrastructure, and would be an important step toward full decarbonization of our transportation sector.”

-Jonathan Lewis, director of the Clean Air Task Force’s transportation program



“In order to bring about the net zero carbon future by mid-century, we must continue to invest in and support a growing network of refueling stations for vehicles. The Securing America's Future Energy Act is a step towards that shared vision by providing the financial certainty necessary to support these investments.”

-Shane Karr, Head of External Affairs North America


Volta Charging

“Ensuring consumers have ready access to reliable EV charging stations is critical to the wide spread shift to electric mobility. The Section 30C tax credit is a critical tool in this transition, and the improvements this bill makes to the tax credit will further help bring America’s electric vehicle infrastructure into the 21st century.”

-Scott Mercer, CEO



“The legislation to extend and expand the 30C tax credit for alternative fuel infrastructure will help spur the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations across the country—in homes, at workplaces, in fleet depots, at retail outlets, and along our nation’s highways—to ensure EV infrastructure meets the rapidly growing shift to electrification. This bill will also accelerate the creation of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction industries by increasing investment in infrastructure and ensuring that more people have access to charging infrastructure everywhere they go.”

-Anne Smart, Vice President of Public Policy


EVBox Group

“The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act is vital legislation for the transition to electric vehicles. That transition will depend on widespread investment in public charging infrastructure, and the Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act will provide a market-moving incentive for doing so. EV Box strongly supports the bill and applauds Senators Carper, Burr, Cortez Masto, and Stabenow for their leadership on this important issue.”

-Megha Lakhchaura, Director of Policy and Utility Programs



“The Securing America’s Clean Fuels Infrastructure Act is a foundational element of comprehensive sustainable transportation policy that would deliver lower emissions while reducing costs for all Americans. ABB is proud to support this bill that would build certainty and confidence in e-mobility among consumers, businesses, and manufacturers, and would drive investment needed to make the U.S. a transportation industry leader for decades to come.”