Washington, D.C. -- Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, will hold an oversight hearing Wednesday regarding a recent Inspector General report that described misconduct at the General Services Administration (GSA). Senator Boxer will focus on ways to institute strong checks and balances that will change the culture at the agency.

Senator Boxer said: "The outrageous misconduct described in the IG report by a few GSA employees follows no less than three other major scandals at GSA spanning four decades and involving three Presidential administrations. The Carter administration in the 1970s thought they put an end to waste, fraud, and abuse at GSA, but serious problems resurfaced and resulted in the resignation of President George W. Bush's GSA Administrator, and now President Obama's GSA Administrator."

Senator Boxer believes that this could be a moment of positive systemic change for the agency that, ironically, has delivered billions of dollars in savings for the American taxpayers.

Senator Boxer said, "It is really sad that the good people at GSA who work hard every day to fulfill their mission have been overshadowed by a few bad employees who abused the public trust and misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars."

She praised the whistleblower in this case, Susan Brita, GSA Deputy Administrator under President Obama, as well as GSA Inspector General, Brian Miller, an appointee serving in both the Bush and Obama administrations.