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February 13, 2007                                                                                                      (202) 228-3102 dir./(202) 302-7086 cell

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today commended the businesses and environmental organizations that make up the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) for coming together to call for swift action to address global warming. Executives of USCAP members companies DuPont, BP America and PG&E, along with the environmental organization World Resources Institute, appeared at a hearing before the full Environment and Public Works Committee today.

Senator Boxer said: “I want to thank these companies for agreeing to a roadmap to address the global warming challenge. This is one of those moments in history when all sides are coming together for the common good. Now the political will needs to coalesce as well.”

“These leading corporations have said that dealing with climate change will create economic opportunities, new markets and new technologies. As business leaders that successfully compete in national and worldwide markets, they should know.”

“I continue to believe we should approach this problem with hope and not fear. I am an optimist, and I believe we can solve this problem, and that in doing so, we will be better for it in every way.”

The U.S. Climate Action Partnership (U.S. CAP) consists of market leaders Alcoa, BP America, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, DuPont, FPL Group, General Electric, Lehman Brothers, PG&E, and PNM Resources, along with four leading non-governmental organizations - Environmental Defense, Natural Resources Defense Council, Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and World Resources Institute.

On January 22, 2007, U.S. CAP issued a report, “A Call to Action,” that called on the federal government to quickly enact strong national economy-wide legislation including mandatory reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and warned against delay in action to control the pollution that causes global warming.

U.S. CAP’s report identifies targets for greenhouse gas reductions, both in the short term and the long term, that are similar to the goals of the Sanders-Boxer Bill (S. 309) and the targets in the global warming program in California. The report is available for download at