Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today released the following statement:

Senator Boxer said, "Tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 3, at 9am, the Environment and Public Works Committee will commence the markup of S. 1733, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. This bill has had comprehensive legislative hearings, with 54 expert witnesses in nine panels. Committee rules provide that the Chairman's Mark be circulated three days before a business meeting, and we released it, along with the EPA's economic analysis, ten days before the markup. No climate bill has ever had this level of review and the Obama Administration stands behind the EPA's analysis."

"Now is the time for action to move America toward clean energy and away from foreign oil, to create jobs, and to protect our children from pollution. The Committee Republicans should rethink their approach. As long as they refuse to come to work, they are not participating in one of the most important issues facing our generation."

"We urge Ranking Member Inhofe, with the utmost respect, to bring the Committee Republicans back to work on this issue. We will give them the opportunity, as we proceed this week, to reconsider their decision. We look forward to working with them if they decide to participate, but if they do not, we will move forward in accordance with the rules of the Senate and of this Committee."

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