Washington, DC - U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, made the following remarks regarding the EPA analysis released today on the Lieberman Warner Climate Security Act (S.2191).

The EPA scenario that most closely modeled the provisions of the Lieberman Warner bill predicts the US will see robust economic growth, accelerated expansion of clean energy, and significant reductions in global warming pollution. This scenario included the most up to date projections for technology deployment, and still does not fully reflect the provisions of the energy bill enacted last year.

The White House was reportedly involved in the EPA process, including selection of the modeling scenarios, through the Council on Environmental Quality, the Council of Economic Advisors, and the Office of Management and Budget. In the end, the EPA analysis incorporated alternative scenarios requested by the strongest critics of action on global warming. Those scenarios relied on numerous unrealistic assumptions.

Senator Boxer said: "When you look at the all the scenarios the EPA analyzed, the one that most closely reflects the Lieberman Warner bill's technology driving policies shows that this bill is a winner for the environment, a winner for our economy, and a winner for the planet. Coming on the heels of White House interference in setting the ozone pollution standard, the Bush Administration appears to be continuing to pull strings to try to block global warming legislation. Despite that, even they could not stop the truth from coming out about the benefits of action."

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