Letter to Urges President to “Send a Much Needed Signal to the World”

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today wrote to President Bush urging him to bring together the leaders of the 12 nations that emit the largest quantities of greenhouse gasses to address the threat of global warming.

“This country has historically been a leader on the environment. Today, the United States is the world leader in greenhouse gas pollution, but lags behind in controlling emissions and in pressing forward on world negotiations,” wrote Senator Boxer.

“Bringing these heads of State to the White House to deal with this serious threat to our planet would send a much-needed signal to the world that the United States of America is ready to once again set an example to the world.”

Senator Boxer announced her intent to call on the President to convene a global warming summit during remarks to the media at the United Nations on Friday, February 2, 2007.

According to data from the World Resources Institute, the twelve nations responsible for the greatest emissions of carbon dioxide in 2003 (the most recent year for which global data are available) are:

1. United States
2. China
3. Russia
4. Japan
5. India
6. Germany
7. UK
8. Canada
9. South Korea
10. Italy
11. Mexico
12. France