RUTLAND, VT -- U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords, I – Vt., today held a press conference to tout the use of fuel efficient hybrid vehicles. Jeffords, who has authored legislation to support the development of these vehicles, today picked-up his own hybrid vehicle. Jeffords encouraged all Americans to buy products that are energy efficient, less polluting and environmentally friendly. Jeffords said, “These vehicles hold great promise for a better environment in our future. They can be an important part of reducing our demand for oil, decreasing the risks of global warming, and moving us forward to a transportation system that is less harmful to the environment and public health.” “As a strong supporter of improving automobile fuel efficiency for decades, I am glad to finally see, and to drive, a vehicle that gets the kind of miles per gallon that the entire US fleet should be getting. Vehicles like the Ford Escape, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic and Insight and others are important steps toward a more efficient and environmentally sound transportation system.” “I hope all Americans will begin to demand more fuel efficient vehicles and cleaner transportation options. They can be an important tool in reducing our current oil consumption as we transition to a transportation system that is much less dependent on fossil fuels. We can no longer afford the serious impacts of burning over 170 billion gallons of gasoline every year -- on the atmosphere or public health or our economy. It's crucial that we convert our economy quickly to a less carbon-intensive form to deal with global warming.”