Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.
Ranking Member, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
On President Bush’s State of the Union Speech
“President Bush once again says all the right things about energy and the environment, but his five-year record demonstrates something very different. He spoke again tonight about reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, but his policies have done little to achieve that goal. Our nation is now more dependent on foreign oil than ever before.” “President Bush has routinely underfunded programs that would boost our renewable energy supplies. He has worked to pass “Clear Skies,” the electric industry’s dirty air bill. And while much of the world, and now individual states, acknowledge a vast, credible and threatening body of science by taking action to curb global warming, the President has refused to do so. We have the chance to reduce our dependence now, and I call upon President Bush to show us in his upcoming budget that he is truly committed to doing so. Our country cannot afford to wait any longer.”