Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.
On EPA Analysis of Multi-Pollutant Legislation “I am pleased the EPA has finally conducted this long-overdue comparison of multi-pollutant legislation. This analysis, although far from perfect, does show that the President's Clear Skies bills are no better, and in some respects worse, than the existing Clean Air Act. This analysis also confirms what we have known all along: the “Clear Skies” legislation would increase greenhouse gas emissions, undermine New Source Review, and force millions of Americans to breathe dirty and dangerous air longer. As I have said time and again, I am willing to compromise on power plant pollution issues, as we did in 1990 to pass the Clean Air Act. But as long as the Administration insists on protecting the interests of big utilities at the expense of public health, nothing productive can be accomplished. I want to thank Administrator Johnson for conducting this analysis and for providing it to all the Committee members at once. That has not always been the EPA's approach in the past and they are to be commended for conducting an analysis that permits us to compare different approaches to cleaning up power plants.”