Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords
Highway Bill Conference I would like to begin by thanking Chairman Inhofe, Senator Bond and Senator Baucus for all of their hard work and cooperation in moving this bill forward. Once again we stand at a crossroads on this legislation. The funding offer before us is a reasonable compromise that will allow us to help all states and improve the efficiency and safety of our roads and transit systems. I would have liked more, I liked the Senate funding levels, but I understand that we need to compromise. A key part of this offer is also fair treatment for the Senate on projects and the recognition of the importance of maximizing funding for the states through the formulas.

This highway bill has been stuck at the longest red-light in history. It's time to get this bill moving and for the White House to recognize that compromise is not a dirty word. This offer is just the jump-start that this bill needs to get it out of neutral and back on the road to passage. Again I thank Chairman Inhofe and urge the House the take a hard look at this offer. Thank you. (view offer here)