U.S. Senate Committee on
Environment and Public Works



Statement of Sen. Barbara Boxer Regarding
EPA’s Proposed Smog Standard



Washington, DC U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, today made the following remarks regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s ozone proposal.



Senator Boxer said: Smog kills, and EPA should be doing everything it can to save lives and protect the health of our children and families.  EPA’s own expert panel of scientists has unanimously concluded that the current ozone standard won’t protect public health.  EPA Administrator Johnson has publicly stated that he agrees that the current smog standard is not protective. Unfortunately, EPA’s ozone proposal allows for more pollution than the science supports, and it could even leave the current unsafe standard in place.  The science overwhelmingly supports closing the door on the current standard once and for all.  Instead of listening to science, the Administrator seems to be intent on listening to the wish lists of polluting industries.  The final ozone rule must protect clean air and public health, period.  Anything less is unacceptable.





“We intend to pursue this matter further, and the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety, under the leadership of Senator Carper, will hold an oversight hearing on this issue as soon as possible.”



EPA today, under court ordered deadline, released its proposed smog standard under section 109 of the Clean Air Act. The current standard is 0.08 parts per million averaged on an 8 hour basis. EPA proposed to revise the standard within a range of 0.07 to 0.75 parts per million. EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory unanimously recommended that EPA revise the standard to a level between 0.06 and 0.07 parts per million.



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