In my 28 years serving in Congress, I have witnessed the creation of some of our nation's most important environmental protections. We have worked to see that the Endangered Species Act and Superfund address the problems they were created to solve -- protecting our environment and all who live within it, for future generations. But now the Department of Defense has decided that the environmental laws that protect all of us all are just too inconvenient. DOD wants Congress to let them off the hook. We will not let that happen. Today we join together with a growing coalition of stakeholders across the country including environmental groups, State pollution control administrators and environmental agency leaders, the League of Cities, the National Association of Attorneys General, and with drinking water utilities to say that no one is above the law. And the American people agree. Two days ago, a Zogby International poll revealed that despite strong public support for the armed services during a time of war, more than four out of five likely voters say that government agencies should have to follow the same environmental and public health laws as everyone else. If the Department of Defense is granted these wholesale exemptions, the consequences will be severe. Local communities will be stuck with the bill to clean up the military's mess. Endangered species, such as this beautiful Bald Eagle, will be gone forever. State agencies will lose their ability to protect us from poisoned drinking water. No one should doubt our pride in our Armed Forces. As a naval officer on the USS Destroyer McNair in the 1950's, I know first hand the importance of a strong national defense. I was a gunnery officer and know the importance of proper training, but I also know that it can done without having to permanently and broadly exempt our military from our environmental laws. We do not have to sacrifice our nation's public health and natural resources to have strong national security. Thank you.