Today the GAO released its water infrastructure report entitled, "Comprehensive Asset Management Has Potential to Help Utilities Better Identify Needs and Plan Future Investments" Senator Jim Jeffords, I - Vt., the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, requested the report in November of 2002. Jeffords said, "I hope EPA will take the report's recommendations seriously and work with water utilities to be sure they are spending their money wisely. We have long struggled with inadequate water infrastructure funding, and increasing efficiency of spending is one piece of the puzzle. However, I continue to believe that improving spending decisions is only one piece of the puzzle. It must be coupled with the proper federal investment in water infrastructure. Without it, this nation risks losing the water quality protections we have gained in the last 30 years." This year Jeffords was the cosponsor of an amendment that was approved as part of the Senate Budget Resolution that provided an additional $2.35 billion for clean water infrastructure funding ,and an additional $1.15 billion for drinking water infrastructure, over the President's request. That bill is still in conference.