March 4, 2004 Honorable Mike Leavitt
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460 Dear Administrator Leavitt: We write to convey our concern with the Agency's delays in providing information requested by this Committee. As the Chairman and Ranking Member for the minority of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, we are writing to express our commonly held position that the Agency is obligated to respond to requests from each the chair and ranking member. We note that there are a number of requests made by Senator Jeffords that have remained outstanding for a long period, dating back to December 14, 2001. Many of these requests, in fact, were made while he was the Chairman of this Committee, well in advance of his becoming Ranking Member. The rest were made in his capacity as Ranking Member. We look forward to your working with Senator Jeffords' staff to resolve these outstanding requests to ensure a productive working relationship on matters pertaining to the committee's oversight responsibilities. We look forward to your prompt response on this important issue. Sincerely, James M. Inhofe
Chairman James M. Jeffords
Ranking Member