Posted by Matt Dempsey

 Begich Echoes Murkowski/Inhofe/Salazar Concerns on Menendez Bill


Matt Felling: Brought up the legislation you co-sponsored with Senator Murkowski about adding the extra cent tariff to the barrel to raise the fund but at the same time there is a 10 billion dollar liability cap that has been asked of the oil industry with regards to future incidents that may not happen that is the worst case scenario of course. And the White House. Republicans are blocking it. But the White House says it is quote “special interest politics.” Unfortunately that also includes your colleague Senator Murkowski. 

Are you disappointed in what she’s doing?

Senator Begich: Well actually if you read the president’s comments today he actually made a comment that the 10 billion depending on the situation we may get ourselves into only working with mega oil companies so we’ve got to be very careful.

I think both Senator Murkowski and I have talked about this issue. We both agree that 175 million is too low but 2 to 10 billion may be too high and there should be a calculation based on the volume the kind of size of the company, the assets, the profit margins all those things should be put in the mix. 175 million is …

Matt Felling: So you’re against the catchall one-size-fits all 10 billion as well?

Senator Begich: Yeah I think that might be too high but I’m not saying but 175 is way, way, way too low. We should examine and I think that is what Senator Murkowski is attempting to do here is try to examine the right type of mix here. I’m open but 175 I guess the number speaks for itself it is way way too low.