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The Weather Channel’s top climate expert -- already under fire for advocating the scientific decertification of global warming skeptics  -- is one of the stars of a new politically charged global warming documentary that, according to the film's website, accuses the U.S. government of “criminal neglect” and blames “right-wing think tanks” for helping to “defeat climate-friendly legislation.”
The supercharged political message in the new documentary “Everything’s Cool,” which prominently features the Weather Channel's climate expert Heidi Cullen, appears to conflict with the network and Cullen’s recently stated goal of not taking “a political position on global warming.” ( See Cullen’s blog ) Cullen, who hosts the Weather Channel’s weekly show “The Climate Code,” made the remarks on January 18, following the controversy surrounding her proposal that the American Meteorological Society decertify broadcast meteorologists skeptical of manmade global warming predictions.  (Click here to see Cullen’s original remarks on the Weather Channel website calling on the AMS to decertify climate skeptics)
Cullen is featured in the new documentary as one of the “global warming messengers,” along with many eco-activists and such Hollywood celebrities as Salma Hayek and Jake Gyllenhaal. The film premiered last week at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah which runs through January 28.
Movie Slams ‘Right-Wing think tanks’
“Everything’s Cool” severely challenges Cullen’s promise to steer clear of politics.  The documentary’s promotional website states that the climate “crisis” is being met by the U.S. “government with apathy, denial, and perhaps, even criminal neglect.” See:
An excerpt from the “About the Film” webpage of “Everything’s Cool” reveals the political overtones of the film, noting that Cullen and the other “global warming messengers” are opposed by “recalcitrant politicians, the fossil-fuel corporations” and “right-wing think tanks that do their bidding, by working tirelessly to obscure the science and gum up the works of government to defeat climate-friendly legislation and promote the unrestrained use of fossil fuels.”
“Tell Congress to reject ExxonMobil's tactics to undermine science cast doubt on the facts about global warming,” the documentary’s website also implores.
The overtly political content of the film is at odds with the mission of The Weather Channel as stated by website executive editor Matthew de Ganon, who noted on January 19th that The Weather Channel’s goal was “to present an open, balanced dialogue around the scientific facts concerning global climate change.” 
Cullen Criticized for Starring in ‘Big Political Movie’
ABC-TV Birmingham meteorologist James Spann was quick to critique Cullen’s participation in the new documentary.
“She is trying to say [global warming] should not be a political issue and I totally agree with that, but boy this movie looks political,” said Spann, an AMS certified meteorologist, on Monday after reviewing the “Everything’s Cool” movie website. Spann made his comments during his weekly podcast “Weather Brains.”
“When you start talking about your government and ‘criminal neglect,’ that to me is a big political movie,” Spann said. Spann had previously denounced Cullen’s call for the American Meteorological Society to decertify TV weathermen who express skepticism about manmade global warming.
The "Everythings Cool" website urges concerned citizens to “Take Action” by contacting a long list of politically charged environmental special-interest groups including: The National Resources Defense Council, The Union of Concerned Scientists, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace USA and Environmental Defense.
US Puts 'Planet in Jeopardy'
It appears from the promotional material available on the movies website, that “Everything’s Cool” is set to make former Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” appear downright timid in its presentation of the fears of global warming. The website states:
“If the U.S. as a nation and a government does not aggressively cut greenhouse gas emission in the next decade, the problem of climate change will eventually dwarf all other economic and social problems. Inaction by the U.S. places everyone else on the planet in jeopardy.”
Actor/activist Redford reportedly made special arrangements for a special pre-screening of “Everything’s Cool” for the Sundance Festival’s key financial backers. The film, which is being billed as a “toxic comedy,” was produced by Daniel B. Gold and Judith Helfand. (Note: The movie apparently also “premiered” at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival as well. See 2006 website listing of “Everything’s Cool”
Review Calls Celebrity Roles ‘Silly’
Hollywood celebrities Salma Hayek and Jake Gyllenhaal roles in the film have been ridiculed in at least one early review of the movie.  The review noted that the scenes featuring the two celebrities at a “publicity appearance at an Arctic village comes off as silly.”
Also appearing with Cullen in the documentary is longtime global warming activist Ross Gelbspan. (Note: Gelbspan has made somewhat of a career out of the humorous allegation that all global warming skeptics are funded by industry while totally ignoring the overwhelming funding advantage that climate alarmists enjoy. See funding notes near end of the blog. Also see this link for more on funding advantages of global warming proponents:
Cullen’s appearance in “Everything’s Cool” is not the first time she has flirted with political activism.  On March 14, 2005, Cullen called for “simple measures” to limits C02 emissions while participating in a Capitol Hill press conference. "The UK has cut emissions by 15 percent and it hasn't hurt their economy," Cullen says.  
Cullen also featured a guest on the December 17, 2006 episode of The Weather Channel’s "The Climate Code" TV show, who had once openly called for Nuremberg-style Trials for global warming skeptics.   
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