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Link to Inhofe "Dear Colleague" Letter on EPA Lead-Based Paint Rule


Hello, I am Jim Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma.

We've got a serious problem. Now, listen to this:

On April 22, a new rule by the Environmental Protection Agency on lead-based paint went into effect that has caused a disaster in Oklahoma and around the country. My office has received a number of calls and emails from constituents -- from homeowners to contractors to landlords to plumbers -- all trying to get more information about the rule. In an effort to help alleviate that confusion, I am posting information on my website that will provide answers about the rule and how it affects you.

The rule requires that renovations in homes built before 1978 and that disturb more than six square feet must be supervised by a certified renovator and conducted by a certified renovation firm. In order to become certified, contractors must submit an application - with a fee - to EPA, and complete a training course for instruction on lead-safe work practices. Those who violate the rule could face a fine of $37,500 a day.

Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough contractors that have been certified. That is because there are far too few people certified to teach the certification classes. For example, in Oklahoma, there is not a single person teaching classes publically. I am continuing to try to resolve this.

Let's understand this: The Obama EPA has ruled that no one can repair a house as old as 1978 effecting six square feet, like one window, without a graduation certificate, and the EPA won't provide instructors to teach the classes. And if you do it, you can be penalized 37,500 a day.

For more information, visit my website at - there you will find a link that will help answer your questions. If the answer is not there, I have included contact information for my office.

This rule will affect more than 70 million homes in America, and I will continue to work to stop this jobs killer.