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Inhofe Votes for Short-Term Extension of Federal Highway Program
"But let me be clear, today's vote is only a short term victory."


WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, today voted in favor of Senate passage of the short-term extension of the Federal Highway Program and issued the following statement:
"I am pleased that Congress finally got its act in order and passed a short-term extension of the Federal Highway Program," Senator Inhofe said. "By passing the 30-day extension, we put Oklahomans and Americans back to work and ensured states get the money they are owed by the federal government. But let me be clear, today's vote is only a short term victory."
"Congress still needs to act quickly to pass a long-term extension. Until we do, our Highway Program will be funded $1 billion a month lower than 2009 levels and we will be living with the uncertainty of yet another short-term extension.  In fact, the states won't receive the new funding provided by this extension for close to a month-just when this extension is expiring.  The House needs to pass the long-term extension the Senate passed and sent over to them last week.
"Finally, I want to extend a special thanks to Oklahoma Secretary of Transportation Gary Ridley. Gary and I have worked closely together throughout the crisis and I appreciate him coming all the way to Washington. I will continue working with Gary to make the case to Congress on the need to get a long-term extension passed as soon as possible, and even better, to pass a full reauthorization of the Highway Program."


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