406 Dirksen EPW Hearing Room

Bradley Udall,

In lieu of appearing before the Committee to support my nomination for the board of the Udall Foundation, I am supplying the following statement as requested by the Committee in a letter of March 17, 2003.


1. Are you willing to appear at the request of any duly constituted committee of the Congress as a witness?


Answer: Yes.


2. Do you know of any matters which you may or may not have thus far disclosed which might place you in any conflict of interest if you are confirmed in this position?


Answer: Since my original statement to the Committee, I have recently been employed by the University of Colorado as the Managing Director of the Western Water Assessment. This position is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Global Programs and is part of OGP’s Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program. RISAs are experimental programs designed to study climate variability and climate change, and to make sure that government climate research is usable by local decision makers at the regional level. There are 6 RISA programs around the country.


There are informal ties between the RISA program at the University of Arizona and the Udall Center at the University of Arizona. There are informal and formal ties between the Udall Center and the Udall Foundation. The Udall Foundation has, to the best of my knowledge, no relationship with the UA RISA program.


In the course of my work I will have professional communication with the UA RISA program. Given the nature of these relationships it is extremely unlikely that this professional relationship could lead to a conflict of interest with my position on the board of the Udall Foundation. Nevertheless, I feel it is important to disclose this relationship.

I will be vigilant in monitoring my activities for any possible conflict of interest. I stand by my previous statement to the Committee about how I would deal with a potential conflict. This is what I said in my previous statement:


3. Explain how you will resolve any potential conflict of interest, or appearance of a conflict of interest, that may be disclosed by your responses to the above items.


The first step in avoiding any conflict, or appearance of a conflict of interest, is staying aware of situations in which such conflicts can arise. I intend to be diligent in monitoring my activities with respect to Foundation transactions so that any such conflicts can be identified quickly. Annual training offered by the Foundation will be helpful in this regard. Once a conflict or appearance of a conflict is identified, the second step is disclosure to the Chairman of the Board, and to Foundation staff, including the Designated Agency Ethics Officer, so that appropriate action can be taken. In most cases, when a conflict or apparent conflict is determined to exist, recusing myself from the relevant discussion and decision-making should be adequate. Although I can not envision any such circumstances, I am prepared to resign my position if necessary to protect the reputation and integrity of the Foundation.



Sincerely yours,



Bradley Hunt Udall