WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the Senate nears a vote to open debate on the nomination of Andrew Wheeler to be EPA Administrator, people across the country are speaking truth to power about Mr. Wheeler’s actions as EPA acting administrator, and the threat his nomination poses for public health and environmental quality.

From doctors and U.S. military veterans, to scientists, religious leaders and environmental advocates, read what Americans from all walks of life are saying about the EPA and the nomination of Andrew Wheeler: 

MAINE: “…Just before closing the EPA’s doors because of what is now the longest federal shutdown in U.S. history, Wheeler used the agency’s last available resources to begin to undermine long-standing protections against mercury pollution at the request of the coal industry and at the expense of children, pregnant women and other vulnerable populations.” – Tony, Kennebec Journal (2/11/19)

MAINE: … In his recent Senate hearings, Wheeler refused to call climate change a ‘crisis’ and reminded everyone that he would continue to dismantle regulations that were put in place to keep the air clean, the water drinkable, and commercial products free of lead…Our window to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change so that the planet will continue to be habitable within the foreseeable future is shrinking, and with the health and well-being of future generations on the line, it is a must that our senators vote “no” on Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation.” Karl, Kennebec Journal (2/4/19)

COLORADO: “Wheeler has pursued the Trump agenda of diminishing federal environmental safeguards and has crippled the progress made toward cutting our country's largest sources of climate pollution. These efforts will produce billions of tons of additional climate pollution as a result… If Wheeler is chosen as our next EPA administrator, the consequences will threaten our communities and environmental health for years to come.” – Morgan, Times-Call (1/19/19)

COLORADO: “…In December, Wheeler proposed to rollback MATS, using tactics that would overturn the government’s determination that regulating mercury emissions is ‘appropriate and necessary.’ This is deeply problematic for Colorado, which has 11 coal plants and gets some 60 percent of its energy from coal.” – Ean, Denver Post (2/12/19)

NORTH CAROLINA: “We took a pledge to protect and defend our country, but you don’t need to have enlisted to see or understand the need to stop Andrew Wheeler from becoming the next EPA administrator…The EPA must absolutely prioritize justice for PFAS-polluted communities. That task requires leadership on the side of people, not polluters. That’s why we oppose and outright fear Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s confirmation as EPA administrator.” – Mac Montgomery, former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army  and president of the NC League of Conservation Voters; and Kemp Burdette, former U.S. Navy search and rescue swimmer; Fayetteville Observer (2/9/19)

NORTH CAROLINA: “As I reminded our senators’ staff, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards -- which Wheeler has attacked through a proposal to undermine its legal foundation -- specifically protect pregnant women and babies from irreversible harm…As the Senate prepares this month to make its consequential decision about Wheeler’s fitness for the job, I want our senators to know that this mom is watching them.” – Kelle, WRAL (2/3/19)

IOWA: “Justice Department data show the Environmental Protection Agency hit a 30-year low in 2018 in the number of pollution cases it referred for criminal prosecution…Andrew Wheeler, Trump’s nominee to succeed Scott Pruitt, the former EPA head who resigned in July amid ethics scandals over his spending and allegations of favor-seeking in office, should not be allowed to follow in Pruitt’s footsteps.” – Editorial Board, Daily Nonpareil (1/20/19)

PENNSYLVANIA: “There are zero benefits to having dirtier, less efficient cars. There are zero benefits from allowing coal plants to emit more brain-damaging mercury. As an advocate for children with learning and developmental disabilities, and as a parent, I hope the Senate will reject Wheeler’s nomination unless he reinstates commonsense rules to reduce air pollution and keep toxic chemicals out of our food, water, and products.” – Maureen, Philadelphia Inquirer (2/6/19)

SOUTH CAROLINA: “South Carolina’s waters are filled with mercury and there are fish consumption warnings in almost all our waters. The threat to our children is very much alive…Mr. Wheeler’s MATS revision does not square with our faith or the faith of millions of pro-life Americans… If Mr. Wheeler continues to undermine the mission of the EPA to protect human health, then we ask senators on both sides of the aisle to reject his nomination as EPA administrator.” - Rev. Jeremy Summers, The State (2/20/19)

FLORIDA: “We don’t need an EPA administrator willing to let poor air quality and smog overtake our most important economic driver. The Senate should do the right thing and delay the Andrew Wheeler confirmation process…We need the EPA focused on doing its job and doing what’s right for Floridians, our beautiful state and the rest of our country.” – Dr. Ringenberg, Tampa Bay Times (1/31/19)

MISSOURI: “Then there’s acting EPA Director Andrew Wheeler, whose appointment as permanent director cleared a Senate committee Tuesday on a party-line vote. Republicans apparently didn’t see a problem with a former fossil-fuels lobbyist heading the agency he used to sue on behalf of polluters who wanted things like an end to mercury regulation.”  - Editorial Board, St. Louis Dispatch (2/10/19)

OHIO: “He is a former coal lobbyist who has used his current position at the EPA to push environmental protection rollbacks and decrease the importance of factoring in human health impacts of proposed environmental policies. In his recent hearing in front of the Senate EPW committee, he even admitted to not reading a number of recent climate impact reports that would have a serious impact on his agency and their work…Wheeler is a biased, dangerous candidate to head the EPA at such a critical time in history.” – Aliza, Centre Daily Times (2/14/19)

TENNESSEE: “EPA, now directed by Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, contends that the cost of complying with the regulations is excessive for uncertain health benefits. Wheeler worked as a lobbyist for the coal industry before his Senate confirmation in April 2018 to serve as deputy to Administrator Scott Pruitt, who resigned in July 2018…The sad conclusion from that data is that many Tennessee waters contain harmful levels of MM and other toxins…This is no time to relax U.S. restrictions on mercury emissions. Since most power plants are in compliance, what is the point unless EPA plans to argue that health considerations should not be factored into environmental regulations.” – Dr. Cleaveland, Chattanooga Times Free Press (1/13/19)