Washington, D.C. - Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, today thanked President Obama for taking action to reduce carbon pollution, which 97% of scientists agree is leading to dangerous climate change that threatens our families.

Senator Boxer said: "The President's proposal is a win-win-win for the American people, as it will protect our health, saving thousands of lives, create thousands of jobs, and America will finally lead on a path to averting the most calamitous impacts of climate change -- such as sea level rise, dangerous heat waves, and economic disruption. Thank goodness the President refuses to be bullied by those who have their heads in the sand, and whose obstruction is leading us off the climate change cliff. The President's proposal is respectful of the states' roles and allows major flexibility, while ensuring that big polluters reduce their dangerous contributions to climate change."

She added: "The people of California and the people of America deserve to be protected and the President should be lauded for moving forward."