(Remarks as prepared for delivery)

I am very pleased to convene this hearing on the nomination of Mr. Gary Guzy to be Deputy Director of the White House Office of Environmental Quality.

Mr. Guzy brings more than 25 years of legal experience to this important White House office. He has worked in the private sector, academia and government, on a wide variety of environmental issues. His distinguished public service career has included positions in the Environmental Division of the US Department of Justice, as Deputy General Counsel and General Counsel of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and as Counselor to the EPA Administrator during the Clinton Administration.

Since 2001, he has worked with a wide variety of governmental and non-governmental actors, including Georgetown University Law Center, the Environmental Law Institute, and in private legal practice.

If Mr. Guzy is confirmed in this position, he will serve as chief deputy to the Chair of CEQ, Nancy Sutley, in support of the council's mission to "promote the improvement of environmental quality."

CEQ brings together different arms of the Administration and agencies across the federal government to build strong, coordinated environmental policies that protect America's communities from environmental threats. Clean energy policies that create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and address the carbon pollution that causes global warming are front and center today. In addition, CEQ must continue to help facilitate efforts to improve drinking water quality, strengthen clean air safeguards, improve policies to protect children and families from toxic chemicals, and ensure scientific integrity and transparency.

Mr. Guzy, I am confident that President Obama, Nancy Sutley and the nation will be well-served by your experience and your demonstrated commitment to these goals. I look forward to your testimony today.