Statement of Senator Jim Jeffords, I-Vt.
Ranking Member, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
On Introduction of Senator Carper's "Clean Air Planning Act"
“I applaud Senator Carper for his bipartisan approach in developing strong multi-pollutant legislation. This bill embraces my goals on reducing three of the four key pollutants, but I am afraid it still falls short of the mark on carbon standards. I plan to introduce a bill to set stronger goals for reducing carbon emissions, which is critical to slowing the rate of climate change." “The Clean Energy Act of 1999, which I sponsored, directed the EPA to enforce nationwide regulations on carbon dioxide, mercury, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide by the year 2005. Unfortunately, that deadline has come and gone and we have seen the results. With the effects of global warming now evident, we can no longer delay enacting meaningful curbs on carbon emissions. I will work with Senator Carper and others to move forward, in a bipartisan manner, to achieve our common goals."