Washington, D.C.--The Committee on Environment and Public Works today passed a 5-month extension of federal highway funding, ensuring that the federal highway program continues beyond its statutory expiration on Sept. 30. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the committee, released the following statement:


“The Committee took the appropriate step today by passing a 5-month extension to the federal highway program, which expires on Sept. 30. This will ensure that highway projects all across the nation continue to move forward.


“It is imperative that Congress pass a 6-year reauthorization of the federal highway program, which will bring needed improvements to our nation’s infrastructure, and serve as a catalyst to job creation and economic growth.


“Thus far I have been very pleased with the cooperation involved in the committee’s bipartisan negotiations. Members and staff from both sides of the aisle have worked amicably and diligently to produce a bill, and I am confident it will be completed relatively soon.”