Statement of Senator Bob Smith
Hearing on the Environmental Programs & Planning Requirements of ISTEA
March 19, 1997

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. First, I want to welcome Mr. Leon Kenison, Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, to our committee today. And, second, I want to express my appreciation to the chairman and ranking member for inviting Mr. Kenison to testify at my request.

Mr. Kenison was appointed commissioner last year, after having served as assistant commissioner for five years. He is also one of the few people in his position who has an engineering background and has a total of 33 years of experience in the New Hampshire DOT something that elicited strong praise from highway user groups, as well as the engineering, design and construction communities.

During this reauthorization process, I think it is extremely important that we hear from our State government partners, particularly the individuals like Commissioner Kenison who are directly involved in implementing the Federal program. I want to hear about the successes as well as the failures and problem areas so we can better determine where improvements or refinements are needed.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and I look forward to hearing from our witnesses.