Statement of Rep. David Skaggs
Nomination of Mike Armstrong
June 4, 1997

In addition to Mike's many talents -- and I have known him personally for over 20 years -- he is, obviously, a very able political organizer in the very best sense of the word, of knowing how to marshal human resources on behalf of getting a job done, and the fact that we are all here witnessing for him is a testament to those skills, as well.

Talking about an Associate Director of Mitigation, I wish there were some way to create a parallel position in the Congress -- perhaps, we could have some assistance in eliminating some of our own natural hazards -- but, Mike, in his spare time, maybe you can come over and give us some help on the Hill as well.

I have, I think, among those who are here to speak on his behalf, the unique experience and privilege of really knowing Mike personally for a long, long time; of having watched his passion for public service come into its full maturity and competence. This is a man who is absolutely selfless, absolutely committed to helping people. He will not go Washington on us. I am absolutely confident that he will be out in the field maintaining the kind of hands-on, immediate connection with the issues that he is trying to deal with, but will be here to be accountable whenever that is appropriate, as well.

As with others, I think the success of Mr. Witt in his management of this agency is due not only to his own enormous talents, but attracting people like Mike Armstrong to, first, the Region VIII job he has done magnificently, and now to help us with this major national responsibility. I recommend him to the committee and am glad that he will get your quick consideration.